Writtle Minions.Digital Genius goes to Goodwood

Inviting 12 young learners from Writtle Junior School to take part in Annual Goodwood Greenpower event for school children aged (8-11) was just the beginning. Before they could compete, they would need to build a car. The all electric single seater race car came in kit form.  Assembly requires little more than a socket set for tightening the nuts and bolts that hold the chassis together. So we set aside a day in the school assembly hall – where else!

Teaching enthusiastic young engineers the basics is fun. Left is loose, right is tight. Once empowered with basic tool skills they can set about assembling all the parts. The entire school got involved and much of the work completed in just one day. Of course every car needs a name and all the students supported the choice of Writtle Minions.

GoodWood in Sussex is a beautiful estate. The ancestral home of Lord March, an aerodrome and motor circuit. It’s also where they make Rolls Royce cars. By 8.30am the paddock begun to fill up with 95 school cars in attendance. Over the course of the day our team would tackle the slalom course and race side-by-side in the sprints. The team are keen to do well in the pitstop challenge, where they had to remove and replace each wheel, with the added pressure of so many people watching.

Our day ended in only slight disappointment when the drive belt on our car broke, leaving us stationary on the final event of the day, the lap of champions. No-one was down, everyone was excited. We worked as a team and we tried our very best. Parents and teachers were rightfully proud of the children’s attitude, behaviour and accomplishments. And as creator of the Digital Genius programme, I was only to pleased to have shared my passion for providing students with a challenge they can enjoy and  learn from.

A spark of inspiration.A life long memory.