An iPad art challenge about cultural identity

John Parvin

Designed for KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, FE, HE and beyond


Since the dawn of humanity, civilisations have been defined through unique cultures. This is how we leave our mark in the history books. Tribal identity binds people together through music, jewellery, fashion, religion, art and architecture.

Your challenge is to create an original work of art with iPad based on the subject ‘Tribe’.

From the Celts, Anglo-Saxons, and Vikings of Europe and Scandinavia, to the Inuits, native North Americans, Mayan and Aztecs of the Americas; tribal colours, patterns, and symbols resonate through history. It’s time to go tribal!

Take a look at our pick of tribal art to get started. Can you think of any others off the top of your head?

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iPad (6th Gen) + Apple Pencil


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