Coaching & Mentoring

There is no better way to support teachers than one-on-one. Coaching and mentoring from an Apple Distinguished Educator focuses on the specific needs of the individual and therefore offers the most effective CPD.

Phase one

Observing current methods and resources.

Phase two

Developing new resources.

Phase three

Delivering and assessing the impact.

Add one round of mentoring to your monthly plan for £200pm

One round is designed for four teachers. Join here.

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The EPP helped us to realise our vision for 1-2-1 deployment for our whole KS3 year group. This wouldn't have been possible without the excellent continued support we received from Solutions inc.

Mr G. Seaford.

Annual EducationSummit 2019

The largest Apple education event on the south coast.

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£1 per device per month

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Digital Genius

Challenge based learning.In recipe form.

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