Student Racing.

Solutions inc. have a number of different student electric race cars that compete in the Greenpower Education Trust race series. We complete regularly in races across the UK. You’ll find us at Goodwood, Rokingham Motor Speedway and the Top Gear test track.

We encourage students to explore the technology, engineering and science of motorsport through active participation in an exciting race series. It’s a lot of fun too.

Discover your inner hero with Digital Genius Racing.


Students aged 12-16 compete in the Greenpower IET F24 race series. These events are normally 90 minute endurance races and require a team of three drivers and pit crew.  There are pre-season test days, qualifying race days and an annual race day finals, where teams from the UK are joined by teams from around the World.  The team covering the furthest distance in the time allowed is the winner.

To build a car that travels the furthest distance from a single battery charge, is an engineering challenge and a development platform for testing your ideas in the real world.

When science makes the difference between a podium finish or not,then science is fun.


At Digital Genius Racing we are keen collaborators. We share our knowledge with teams all over the World and receive support back. We are also fortunate to have Digital Genius Racing Ambassadors. A group of individual mentors, prized for their in-depth knowledge and experience within the sport. These guys work for cool companies like RedBull F1, Aston Martin and Jaguar.