Inspired by Nature

Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions by observing designs that work well in nature and applying them to solve ‘real-world’ problems. Find out how a kingfisher’s beak, a sticky burr and shark skin have inspired designers.

Take up the challenge of designing your own invention inspired by the natural world. Start your journey with a fun-packed field trip to the WWF UK HQ (World Wildlife Fund) Living Planet Centre in Surrey.

We will then invite you to present your design at the Annual Education Summit alongside fellow student inventors from across the UK.

Inspired by Nature

Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. The goal is to create products, and new ways of living that respond to challenges identified by you and inspired by the field trip to the WWF Headquarters.

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Do you ski, ride a bike, or enjoy a morning jog? Do you have a favourite coat or pair of shoes? Come along to the discovery workshop with an open mind and realise how much of our daily life is influenced by nature.

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Living planet centre workshops

Join us for a day of discovery at the WWF headquarters. You’ll walk away knowing how some of natures most miraculous adaptations have inspired mankind’s weird, whacky and groundbreaking inventions.


Abide by these rules and your team(s) can enter into the Robot Dancing championships held at the Annual Education Summit, June 2018.

• Your MeeBot robot must perform a dance routine lasting 90 seconds.
• An original music track/composition must be recorded in GarageBand on iPad.
• Use of GarageBand loops is acceptable in composing your dance track
• The dance moves should be coded in Swift and run from Swift Playgrounds.


Robot Dances will be judged by an expert panel and awarded points. Points will be awarded in each of the following areas: Originality, synchronisation and foot tap-ability. Prizes will be also awarded based on age category.

Originality – Signature dance moves and original music.
Synchronisation – When the moves fit with the music timing perfectly.
Foot tap-ability – Pure entertainment value.

Join a workshop at the living planet centre.

Join us for an unforgettable day at a the WWF UK headquarters. Please click here to view the dates we will be attending on.

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Can you articulate your own designs and present them on iPad? Earn yourself a Digital Genius ‘Science and Nature’  hero badge and certificate.

You can book your Inspired By Nature,  WWF Field trip for up to 12 students here and then gain further support in developing student designs from our Apple Distinguished Educator team.

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