ISO 27001 Annex: A.8.1.3 Acceptable Use of Assets & A.8.1.4 Return of Assets

This is a component of assets management. The previous article continued the theme in this one.

A.8.1.3 Acceptable Use of Assets


Identify, document, and implement acceptable use policies for information and facilities related to information and information processing.

Implementation Guidance

All who use the organization’s assets, as well as those who have access to its resources, should be made aware of the requirements of information security. Each user is responsible for all usage of any information processing service that they use on their own.

A.8.1.4 Return of Assets


Employees and external stakeholders both have the responsibility of returning all assets in their possession upon termination of their employment, contract, or agreement

Implementation Guidance

Once the termination period has ended, any tangible or electronic assets assigned or entrusted to the company must be returned legal with the process.

It is critical that when an employee or an outsider uses the company’s equipment or their equipment, they follow the protocol to ensure that relevant information is brought to the company and removed safely from the equipment.

When an employee or an external user knows information that is needed for ongoing operations, they should report it and submit it. A company should monitor terminated employees and contractors for any unauthorized copies of sensitive information (e.g., intellectual property) during the notice period.

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