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Information Privacy

ISO/IEC TS 27560

ISO/IEC TS 27560 — Privacy technologies — Consent record information structure [Draft]


For recording PII Principals’ (data subjects’) consent to data processing, this standard specifies an open, extensible, and interoperable information structure.

The scope of the standard

As part of the standard, the standard will include guidelines for using consent receipts and consent records associated with a PII Principal’s data processing consent to help support:
– Providing the PII Principal with a record of the consent;
– Exchanging consent information between various information systems; and
– Maintenance of the recorded consent throughout its lifecycle.

In the standard, neither receipts nor records will be exchanged, nor will the exact structure of such exchanges be specified.

The content

To be determined.


2020 marked the beginning of the project. A first draft of the proposal is due soon.


To be determined.

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