Exclusive offers for students at Northcote Lodge School

Simply choose your preferred iPad using the form below.

Your order will be delivered directly to the school. If you would like any help or advice in choosing, contact our team on 01273 200 820.

Each package includes:

iPad of your choice
Protective case with built-in keyboard
TotalCare Protection Plan

Mobile Device Management and Content Filtering are provided by the school.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

1. E-Safety

Your device will be locked into the school’s management system. This enables the school to provide content filtering when the device is on campus. Should the iPad be lost or stolen, it can be tracked and wiped. When your child leaves school your device will be removed from the school management system.

2. Protection

Included in the scheme, TotalCare Protection Plan covers warranty, accidental damage, fire and theft. The TotalCare online portal allows school administrators and parents to make and manage claims 24/7 and allows us to track which iPad belongs to which student. There are no excess or carriage charges.

3. Teaching & Learning

When a device is managed by the school, teachers can guide and assist students using a range of educational apps including the Apple Classroom app and iTunes U. Through it’s management system, school can provide educational apps and resources, personalised to each student. Students can collaborate and communicate with peers, teachers and parents through a variety of educational software tools.

4. Affordability

Our educational packages offer a considerable saving compared to retail prices.

Choose your iPad.


TotalCare Protection Plan is designed specifically for students.

  • Accidental damage – fully comprehensive cover including breakage, liquid spillage, fire and flood.
  • Extended warranty – covers malfunctions caused by latent manufacturing defects.
  • Battery – service cover is offered where depletion is 50% or more from original specification.
  • Theft – new replacement of stolen device.
Cost effective & efficient
  • More cost effective than purchasing separate warranty and insurance products.
  • More streamlined cover than separate warranty and insurance products.
  • Simple administration including free collection and delivery service.
  • Zero excess.
Making a claim
  • You can make and manage claims using our dedicated online portal 24/7/365.
  • During term time the support team at the school will help with collection & return to school.
  • During school holidays our claims team will arrange collection & return to your home address (UK).