Innovative storytelling

Student Leaders

Storytelling is innately human and with each generation we find new ways to compose and share stories, keeping them alive. Your challenge is to tell your own story on stage, in front of a packed auditorium. You’ll want to think about innovative ways to tell your story; because we’re expecting the unexpected.

This is our greatest challenge for schools and students. Designed for a team of student leaders working together. Produce a 10 minute stage performance incorporating each of the compulsory elements– with the freedom to add your own additional creative elements should you wish.

Each year we support schools to help produce jaw-dropping performances, debuting on stage at the Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts, Sussex University. Be part of this celebration of student voice. It’s a life changing moment for those involved. The ultimate challenge – where students become heroes.

Essential elements

Motion picture

A ‘movie’ element ( 30-60 secs) with video clips edited together. We recommend using iMovie or Clips to generate this element.


A graphic element showing numerical/factual data. We recommend using Keynote or Numbers to generate this element.


A moving graphical element. We recommend using animations in Keynote or stop frame animation using Boinx.

Sound effects

One or more audible elements to support visual components. An original soundtrack and/or sound effects. We recommend using GarageBand.


You must include photos taken by your team that document and showcase the various activities undertaken at your school.

How to get involved

This is your chance to bring your ideas and words to life. Embrace creativity and innovation. We encourage you to push beyond what is normally expected of you. It’s not easy – but it’s very rewarding. You receive a Digital Genius Hero badge and certificate. Plus you get a shot of self confidence and a life long memory.

You can register your interest here. If your School already runs a Digital Genius Student Leader programme, then you’re all set. If however you do not currently have access to the Digital Genius programme, then this is your chance to start. We welcome all enquiries. Speak to our education team, or fill out the form below.

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