ISO 27001 Clause 9.3 Management review


ISO 27001 Clause 9.3 Management review, Top Management carries out management reviews for ISO 27001 on a scheduled basis.

What is ISO 27001 Clause 9.3?

ISO 27001 Clause 9.3 Management review, describes how management reviews ensure the information security management system’s continued effectiveness, adequacy, and suitability. While Suitability refers to the ongoing alignment of the organization’s approaches with its objectives, the concepts of Adequacy and Effectiveness pertain to the design and embedding of organizations. There are a variety of functions that are administered at various levels of an organization, ranging from daily, weekly, or monthly meetings of organization units to simple reporting discussions. All levels of the organization should contribute to this review, with the top management evaluating it. Management Review occurs after the ISMS internal audit has been completed, at scheduled intervals and systematically and strategically.

What does the Management Review entail?

As part of the management review, it is a good idea to take into account Clause 9.3 from ISO 27001:2013, which allows top management to facilitate an effective review and strategic decision making that is tailored to the organization’s needs. A management review of an ISMS may take several forms, such as receiving and reviewing reports and measurements, completing transmissions, and verbally updating. Reports on ISMS efficiency should be included in management reports and should be reviewed regularly. Among the main components of the management, the review is the findings of the information security assessment, the results of internal audits, the results of risk assessments, and the status of risk management plans. Management should check whether the residual risk meets the risk acceptance criteria that cover all expected risks in the risk treatment plan, as well as possible risk treatment options.

The management of the ISMS should review every aspect at regular intervals, a minimum of once a year, in coordination with the schedules and agenda items of management meetings. To increase overall effectiveness, management should review recently implemented ISMS frequently.

Which issues should be discussed during the management review?

The standard ISO 27001 – 9.3 Management review should address the following topics:

1. Actions taken from previous management reviews;
2. The change in issues related to the ISMS both externally and internally;
3. Information security performance feedback, along with trends, in;
4. Nonconformities and corrective steps;
5. Measurement and monitoring results;

Audit results;

1. Achieving information security objectives.
2. Stakeholders’ feedback, including requests for changes and suggestions for improvement;
3. Detailed information about the information security risk assessment(s) and the risk management plan; and
4. Possibilities to continually improve, including improving both the ISMS and the information security controls.

Management review inputs should be detailed enough to align with the organization’s objectives. A summary of all items, aligned with information security goals or high-level objectives, would be reviewed by top management.

As a result of this management review process, ISMS will be continuously improved, and any needed changes in ISMS will be addressed.

Also included in results are indicators of selections regarding:

1. Policy changes regarding information security
2. The criteria for conducting information security risk assessments, as well as the criteria for accepting risks, have changed
3. Review and update the information security risk management plan or Statement of Applicability
4. Measurements and monitoring of the activities need to be improved
5. Resources allocated differently

Documenting the results of management reviews is necessary for an organization.

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