ISO/IEC 27553

ISO/IEC 27553 — Information technology — Security techniques — Security requirements for authentication using biometrics on mobile devices [Draft]


As part of this standard, high-level requirements will be set for biometric authentication on mobile devices, including functional components and communications.

The scope of the standard

On mobile devices, biometrics are increasingly used to authenticate users. Conventional codes and tokens are harder to steal or counterfeit than these newer forms of encryption.

There are, however, an increasing number of devices and approaches, fragmenting the market and presenting opportunities for standardization.

As outlined in this standard, biometric authentication methods should normally address commonplace information risks.

The content

To be determined.


In 2018, the project began. At the end of 2021 will be the deadline for the publication of the standard.

Currently, it is in the Committee Draft stage.


Can’t organizations in this situation figure out their information risks with an hour’s reflection and brainstorming? The standardization aspect is unclear to me.



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